Anglophones Cry Foul To Secessionists Extremism

Cameroon is once more challenged on another front with the social crisis plaguing the Northwest and Southwest Regions of the country.  For close to two years running, the crisis have metamorphosed from a peaceful demonstration by legal minds accompanied by  teachers to that of armed conflicts.  In the face of these, enemies of the state have exploited their long awaited greed to jeopardize the most cherished peace enjoyed by a country full of plenty. Evident is the case in point wherein some individuals both home and abroad have been fanning flames for the people to take-up arms against state institutions.

Despite series of efforts put in by the government to dilute the grievances through dialogues and propositions, others turn to contradict the actions.  In this vein they have resorted in taking the state hostage by creating havoc in the political, economic and social domains. Glaring examples are the burning down of schools likewise the national flag, destruction of public infrastructures, sporadic attacks towards the forces of law and order, hostage taking of administrative authorities, gunning down anybody most especially the population when their ideology is contradicted while at the same time creating panic amongst the population causing them to flee to neighbouring countries in search of safety.

With all these under the banner of the Ambazonia Defence Forces (ADF) with their armed wings spread over some localities in the Northwest and Southwest Regions, the population is on bended knees clamouring for the defence forces to come to their mercy, thus instituting the policy of popular defence.  The population as confirmed by Chief Mbua has come to realise that these armed groups which some school of thought have termed as secessionists, are nothing less than armed robbers as each wing is claiming to be autonomous. The population which fled to neighbouring Nigeria are beckoning on the government to insure their return to Cameroon. While on the other hand the defence and security forces a working relentlessly not only at protecting persons and their property but as well as carrying out civil military actions in some of these affected areas.  

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