CONAC Reveals Hot Line 1517

For corruption to toe the line, the National Anti-Corruption Commission has instituted another strategy to fight against corruption in all its form, a phenomenon that has eaten deep into the fabric of the society.

Speaking during a press conference in Yaoundé last April 24, 2018, Reverend Dieudonne Massi Gams revealed that, the commission have put at the disposal to the public a hot line toll free number 1517 to denounce acts of corruption in all its form. At the same time he rebuked the unscrupulous attitudes of some individuals who will use this medium to settle scores or better still use it for fantasies.  

While addressing the media men and women who answered present, the CONAC boss stressed on the fact that false witnesses are liable to the law as stipulated by the Cameroon Penal Code and as well reiterated that in order to fight corruption with efficacy it is only through systematic denunciations rather than remain silent and die under the weight of corruption or being a passive observer. 

To crown it all, the National Anti-Corruption Commission is convinced that the toll free number 1517 is dedicated to deprecate acts of corruption through which its personnel will be assigned to collect data calls up to 6pm daily upon onward transmission to the quarters that be for investigations to be carried out. Reverend Dieudonne Massi Gams also affirms that apart from the program broadcasted over the national station of the Cameroon and Radio Television ‘Espace CONAC’ which addresses actions on the field, the commission is as of present constructing  an interactive website with victims of corruption. These are just part of the many relook established, an initiative by the  Head of State, President Paul Biya who holds so close to his heart to exterminate acts of corruption.    

Historical background of CONAC 

The National Anti-corruption Commission (CONAC) was established by Decree No. 2006/088  on March 11, 2006 by the President of Republic Paul Biya. Members of CONAC were appointed on March 15, 2007. The CONAC is a public independent body which comes under the direct supervision of the Head of State. Its mission is to monitor and evaluate the effective implementation of the government’s anti-corruption program. The CONAC has a central structure with branches in almost all ministries and a coordinating and regulatory role in relation to the national anti-corruption policy framework in Cameroon. It has investigating capacities and has a mandate to gather and analyze allegations and information about corrupt practices. The findings of a CONAC inquiry can ultimately lead to disciplinary or legal proceedings. 

It should be noted that Cameroon has a National Anti-Corruption strategy. It was elaborated in 2010 and adopted by the government in 2011. The implementation is underway using the Rapid Results Initiatives. A second volume of the strategy, still awaiting adoption by the government, was elaborated in 2012. 

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