The concept of popular defence cherished by president Biya is taking shape in the Nord-West Region

The newly created 5th joint military Region following a presidential decree of February 21, 2018 whose area of jurisdiction covers the Northwest and West Regions of Cameroon has a mastery present social crisis plaguing the English zones of Cameroon.

Speaking to the commander of the 5th Joint military Region, Brigadier General Agha Robinson Ndong, says the population should take into consideration that the armed groups working in the line of secessionism are merely armed robbers who are up at nothing else rather than to jeopardize the always cherished peace of Cameroon. In line with the sensitization and intelligence gathering by the forces of law and order, the population has resorted to the principle of popular defence by denouncing the criminals and all acts of criminality perpetrated by a handful of some unscrupulous individuals.

This notion ties with the road map of the security meeting held on April at the cabinet in the ministry of defence.  Presiding over the meeting, the defence boss, Beti Assomo Joseph enjoined the different commanders present to ensure a hitch free celebration of the 46th edition of the National Day and security safe across the national territory. He also called on the commanders whose jurisdiction is clouded by the social crisis in the English speaking Regions to work in close collaboration with the population for a collective victory in the preservation of our territorial integrity and unity, a watch word by the President of the Republic, Paul BIYA.

The population on their part have come to realise that they were instrumentalized by some forces of darkness to bring down the state to its knees. Conscious of this misconception, the population is collaborating frankly with the forces of law and order to pinpoint these gang leaders and their acolytes. Another major innovation to completely exterminate the Extremism tendency orchestrated by the terrorist group,  the defence and security forces leaders are implicating the traditional and local leaders to sensitize their subjects who’ve been manipulated by the master minders to this crisis.

Church leaders, community radio stations and civil society organisations are also playing an instrumental role to put their followers and audiences back to the rail to reason that there is no gift that worth peace. During the security meeting held on the 27th of April 2018 at the command post of the 5th joint military region regrouping representatives of the local population, traditional leaders as well as military authorities served as a platform to address the impact of the crisis and long lasting solutions. To this effect the population has been reassured of their security and people are going about their activities with piece meal.

Emmanuel NGOTA

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