Fight against Boko Haram.The Triumph of Cameroon Military

Socio-economic, political and cultural activities are returning to normal in Cameroon’s Far North Region following the successes recorded by the Defence Forces in the fight against Boko Haram. The terrorist sect has almost been annihilated thanks to the strategic and visionary leadership of the Commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces, President Paul Biya.

After about four years of continues terrorist attacks in Cameroon’s Far North Region by Nigerian-based terrorist sect, Boko Haram, activities are gradually regaining steam in that part of the country. The military offensive against the nefarious sect has been largely successful as the Cameroonian defence forces in several incursions even in Nigerian territory freed hundreds of hostages, killed terrorists and seized ammunitions.

Localities like Amshide, Fotokol, Mora, amongst others which were Boko Haram bastion with frequent attacks on public and private property are today regaining normalcy with economic activities along the Cameroon borders gathering momentum. The beautiful Far North Region with exhaustive touristic potentials is again attracting tourists from across the world. All of these activities including the voluntary return of some Nigerian refugees are largely because the military offensive used by President Paul Biya in synergy with the Nigerian and Chadian forces has been successful.

When President Paul Biya on May 17, 2014 declared war against Boko Haram in ¨Paris, many sceptics were quick to say Boko Haram was not a Cameroon affair because the Nigeria-based sect was operating in Nigeria. President Biya’s anticipation of a possible incursion into Cameroonian territory by the jihadist who had the ambition of creating an Islamic Caliphate around the Lake Chad sooner became logical as the sect began attacking Cameroonian territory along the frontiers with Nigeria in the Far North Region. He repeatedly said Boko Haram will be defeated and today, the sect has been reduced to ground zero. Several measures were immediately activated such as the reorganisation of the military with the creation of new military sectors and Gendarmerie legions in Kousseri in order to bring operational command closer to the battle grounds. There was heavy deployment of human and material resources to the field to eradicate the terrorist sect.

Cameroon’s Head of State again understood that terrorism threats are not to be combatted by a single country. While addressing members of the diplomatic corps during New Year wishes ceremony at the Unity Palace, President Biya stated emphatically that “terrorism is a global menace which needs a global riposte.” Thus, he called for world synergy in combatting the threats and attracted international support with countries like the United States, France, Russia supporting Cameroon’s fight against the Boko Haram sect. At the level of the Lake Chad Basin area, Paul Biya championed the creation of the Lake Chad Basin Multinational Joint Taskforce for the fight against Boko Haram with Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad and Niger combining forces to fight the nebulous sect. These efforts have yielded palpable results hence the return to normalcy. Apart from economic activities that has resumed, schools and other socio-cultural activities have also resumed with most internally displaced people returning back home.

The construction of the Mora-Dabanga-Kousseri road which was perturbed has also resumed with the Military Engineering Corps as well as the reconstruction of schools that were destroyed by the jihadist.

Mbei Julius

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