As preparations intensify  ahead of the celebration of the National Day come 20th May 2018, sensitization campaigns calling on the youths to practice and promote peaceful coexistence, patriotism, good citizenship, protection of territorial integrity and togetherness is ongoing as they are some of the key values to make Cameroon attain emergence come2035 as wished by the Head of State.

It is a fact that no meaningful development can be attained in an atmosphere of rancor and chaos, an environment ridden by conflicts and turmoil, where the population is starved from education and encircled with acute violence, where development oriented projects are halted by the kidnapping of personnel who are in charge of bringing change, this kind of environment, can only lead to retardation and stagnation rather than progress and development.

Peaceful coexistence is therefore imperative to enable Cameroonians renounce violence especially in the two predominant English speaking regions of the North West and South West of Cameroon. Equal rights, mutual understanding as well as the consideration of each other’s interest and recognition of each people’s rights to choose freely its own socio economic and political leanings without infringing on the values of the society is what government is promoting. The adoption of dialogue, negotiations as a peaceful means of resolving disputes has been the indelible mark of the New Deal government in consolidating the lasting and cherished peace the country enjoys.

It is therefore very important that families, leaders, schools, institutions, organizations, communities realize the great need to uphold core values of patriotism, irrespective of culture. Tolerance and the respect of the rights of others is an important aspect of our civilization as people of a Cameroon which is one and indivisible. Mutual respect for our territorial integrity, mutual non-aggression, equality and cooperation for mutual benefits, respect for fundamental rights, freedom of religion, respect of the rule of law and kindness are some of the key principles on which Cameroon institutions are founded.

Dalai Lama a great philosopher of our times once said, ‘love and compassion are necessities; not luxuries, without them humanity cannot survive” how then will Cameroonians survive without love for fatherland? Growth and development especially in this multi ethnic and richly diverse nation can only be attained when the people coexist peacefully. It is through the realization of the importance of our peaceful coexistence, that Cameroonians will realize that  Acts of Violence like the killing of security forces who are the very people who strive to protect and secure territorial integrity, protect persons and property,  to deny children access to education, to worsen the plight of  women and children, to take up arms when you don’t have the right to, to deny progress in all sectors of activity is not and will never be a solution to any problem, but will only help to jeopardize the cultural diversity the country enjoys. However, it will never come to past thanks to the good leadership of President Paul Biya.

Cynthia Efopa

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