Since the onset of the socio-political crises rocking the south west region, the Government of Cameroon has been spending sleepless nights to quell the violence employing both the carrot and the stick method.

The socio-political crises in the South West region of Cameroon perpetuated by terrorists have left consequences on the economy of the region and implanted fear in the minds of the population, thereby causing them to be afraid to go about their activities. Some workers of the PAMOL plantations and the Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC), have seen their produce and money ceased, some are threatened, killed and their tools and machines like tractors and trucks damaged. Farmers, traders and business people are not carrying out activities normally because of the activities of these bandits.

To remedy the situation, the government has embarked on a carrot and stick solution. Firstly, Administrative officers have multiplied calls for appeasement. There have been varied delegations sent to the field in the South Region from the nation’s capital Yaounde, comprising of elites as well as political, cultural and opinion leaders. The latest dialogue team were members of the National Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism (NCPBM).  They stayed in Buea for three days to explore many sources of information to find a lasting solution to the grievances of the South West population. Peace missions through various groups like traditional rulers, religious leaders, economic operators and the civil society have been meeting with villages, families’ party cells and just everybody for dialogue.

On the 7th May 2018, the governor of the South West Region, Okalia Bilai placed a ban on motorbike circulation especially at nights. These motorbike riders have been reputed for propagating violence. They have been known to transport gunmen who attack, kill and ambush soldiers and civilians, ceased their property and threaten them to keep their children away from school. A ban on their activities in certain locality at a certain time is to ensure the safety of persons and goods.

Owners of fire arms and ammunitions were also called to present them to respective Divisional Officers for control. They are ban from using arms on grounds of cultural manifestations, hunting activities or there wise.

The population is complaining about the insecurity implanted by this terrorists and they want an end to the activities of the gunmen who are hiding in bushes especially in the Lebialem, Meme and Ndian Divisions and only come out to terrorize the population. With the collaboration of the population, the government has the situation under control.

Cynthia Efopa

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