La Francophonie-gov’t effort curbs unemployment among youth, women

A program of the employment of youth and women through entrepreneurship run by the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie and the Cameroonian government has started yielding fruits. The Eden Association was supported within the framework of the program to create an online portal that would help Cameroonian youths and women to acquire business skills and become entrepreneurs. The platform was revealed to the public in a launching ceremony that took place on May the 3 in the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce, Mines, Handicraft and Industries in Yaounde.

Hundreds of business-oriented youths thronged the launch with hopes of being the first to sign up and benefit from the coaching on the online platform baptized “Entreprend Cameroun”.

The officials of Eden Africa, the association that developed the platform, told the youths present that they will no longer need to move from one office to the other just to find out what it takes to create, fund and manage an enterprise in the country.

Diane Ndeuma, Chief Executive Officer for Entreprend Cameroun, noted that the platform was build with credible information from actors in Cameroon’s economic ecosystem. The CEO pointed out that information on the online platform is updated on a regular basis, hence always reliable for users.

Observers say the launch of the platform ( comes at the right time as the internet penetration rate of the country is on the rise. According to Digital Social Media, Mobile and E-commerce, the use of the internet recorded a 22% increase between January 2017 and January 2018 representing an increase in the number of Cameroonians surfing the World Wide Web from 5.1million users to 6.13 million.

The initiative adds to a plethora of measures government has taken in recent years to promote youth entrepreneurship. The Ministry of Youth and Civic Education is currently overseeing a couple of such projects, while the Ministry of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Handicraft and Social Economy is equally supervising activities of the Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Promotion Agency, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Bank and enterprise creation facilitation centers, all put in place on the instructions of the Head of State who is keen on curbing youth unemployment, fighting poverty and improving the standard of living of citizens. President Paul Biya doesn’t fail to announce the number of jobs created annually. Statistics from the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training show government is gradually winning the fight against joblessness and underemployment.

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