Photo Exhibition Portrays President Biya’s Major Achievements

As part of activities to mark the 46th edition of National Unity Day, photo frames have been displayed in some strategic locations in the nation’s capital, Yaounde to portray major strides of President Paul Biya’ Greater Achievement Programme.

If the saying that a “picture is worth a thousand words” is anything to go by, then inhabitants of the nation’s capital, Yaounde, certainly have a broad understanding and knowledge of the recent strides made by President Paul Biya to develop the country through his Greater Achievement Programme launched on the eve of 2011 presidential election. The infrastructural projects cuts across all sectors of national life portrayed in photographs.

Passers-by at the Wada Junction for instance are attracted by large lighted photo frames pegged on the wall of the Bio St Anastasie recreational garden along the stretch of the road leading to the Ministry of Basic Education roundabout. Even at night, the frames are light and visible enough for any passer-by to see. Each of the photo frame has captions explaining the project.

In the transport sector, the Kribi Deep Seaport is prominent among the recent giant infrastructural development projects realised by President Paul Biya. The 16m deep port with a dock of 350m and 18 hectares of storage surface area, Kribi Deep Seaport with its strategic location serves as a hub for transhipment connecting the Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, domestic destinations in Cameroon as well as Chad and the Central African Republic. The port is capable to dock a 400m vessel carrying 100,000 tons of goods. Also present on the photo gallery is the Douala Seaport that has been witnessed renovation works lately to modernise the infrastructure.

For the road infrastructure, the second bridge over River Wouri which is just waiting for inauguration as well as the ongoing construction work on the Nsimalen-Yaounde and Douala-Yaounde motorways are conspicuously displayed for the public to see for themselves. Photos of the modernisation of the economic capital, Douala through the East and its West wings entrances are also attracting hundreds of commuters as they portray the beauty of the country’s most populous city.

The Low-cost housing project contained in the Three-year Emergency Plan for the ten regional headquarters except Yaounde and Douala is also already taking shape in Bafoussam, Ebolowa and other towns as portrayed on the photographs.

The Head of State’s move to upgrade electricity supply in the country for industrialisation to take its full course has greatly advanced. Photos displayed on the streets have shown the Lom Pangar Dam, the Memve’ele Hydro Electric dam amongst others. As far as water projects are concern, the project to supply 300,000 cubic metres of drinking water daily to Yaounde and its environs from the River Sanaga, PAEPYS is also visible on the gallery.

Also prominent on the photo gallery is the ultra-modern Sangmelima, Limbe and Douala Professional Vocational Training Centres constructed with the support of the Republic of South Korea. Health facilities like ongoing construction of Reference Hospitals in the regional headquarters are also among. Yaounde denizens have appreciated this move which is carried.

Shawn-Nathan Epang

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