Calixthe Beyala Gets Loose On American Ambassador

Diplomatic relations between Cameroon and the US took a hit following remarks by Ambassador Peter Henry Barlerin calling on President Paul Biya to step down after more than 35 years of rule. A subject that makes a lot of ink in the opinion and on which the Cameroonian writer Calixthe Beyala gets involved.

Emmanuel Ngota

In an interview with CRTV television, Calixthe Beyala deemed controversial for her inflammatory remarks made a point of defending the regime of President Paul Biya. According to her, Ambassador Peter Henry Barlerin has failed in his first duty as a diplomat, which is that of reserve and silence. “When one is a diplomat, one is bound to reservations. It is baseless an undiplomatic for an ambassador of the portfolio to grant a press release in order to reveal what transpired during their in camera discussions, “She retorted.

In no way is an ambassador in a position to give lessons to President Biya, according to her “We are out of reserve, absolute disrespect of international conventions. An ambassador kindly received by the President allows himself to lecture him. It’s damaging to relations between the United States and Cameroon. It is no doubt absurd for the United States of America to interfer into our domestic affairs of which Cameroon remains a sovereign state. This there =fore implies that “Cameroon’s affairs only concern Cameroonians,” warns the writer:

The prolific writer, Calixthe Beyala didn’t spare the pains to remind the ambassador Peter Henry Barlerin that, we are united, and are we are conscious of our maturity. Reasons why we do not need a third party to help us in our crisis. Cameroonians are matured enough to know their right from their left in regards choosing a candidate to the helm of the president of the republic in respect to elections. Cameroonians were not at gun point to elect President Paul Biya for the past years. So they are conscious of the right choice and they will do it again and again. “Calixthe Beyala is a Cameroonian born in 1961. She is a French writer whose novels are written from a strongly feminist viewpoint, often focusing on the difficulties faced by African women and children in male-dominated societies. The experiences of her own impoverished childhood are reflected in the themes of poverty, social degradation and injustice that she explores in many of her books. She has won significant recognition for her work, including awards from UNICEF and the “Académie Française », and praise for the thematic and stylistic originality of her novels. However, some have criticized her work, accusing her of plagiarism and attacking her positive treatment of homosexuality, which has been viewed as scandalous in some quarters.

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