Cameroon Protects Its Territorial Integrity

Amidst rumors spread by some news organs and prophets of doom, Cameroon remains steadfast in protecting its territorial integrity and safeguarding persons and property.

Cynthia Efopa

There is no nation in the world that will condone the presence of terrorist’s activities in its states or around its borders. Just none will sit and watch its citizens violently and gruesomely slaughtered or killed by some unlawful individuals, none will tolerate the uneasy functioning of government mechanisms, none will welcome the burning down of property of peaceful citizens who go around their day to day activities, and yet none will stand to face the gross demolition and sizzling of state emblems or illegitimate replacement of state symbols. This however has been some of the reasons why the powers of the United Nations Security Council have been reputed to strongly fight against, as times without number they have deployed military missions equipped with sophisticated warfare materials to countries in some parts of the world to counter terrorist movements. Then why will some committers of bad fate think Cameroon will comfortably embrace such a situation? Why will they not accept that Cameroon too is just one of such peaceful and prosperous nations that will not ignore the doings of those who have the task to execute the utter futility of a perilous adventure?

As an accountable government and under the command of the statesmanship of President Paul Biya, the Cameroon government has the responsibility to ensure the territorial integrity of the nation at all times, in all circumstances and against all odds while safeguarding persons and goods. It is the government’s role to reverse the tides of disgruntled men of the underworld who perhaps inadvertently don’t know the sacrifices Cameroonians have made this far to build this one and peaceful nation and the common reuniting intent of Cameroons patriotic founders.

It is therefore obvious that those who have turned this epicenter of peace in to that of violent agitation mainly welcomed the presence of the forces of law and order whose professionalism in the execution of their duties is a take home lesson.

The Cameroon Defence Forces is a republican army whose reputation is well acknowledge in the international scene as that which respect republican institutions and that which set the standards in the conduct of operations. They have been very skillful in responding to the crises in the North West and South West of Cameroon.  Conscious of the fact that they are dealing with their brothers and sisters who have momentarily derailed, they caution the population to restrain from illusionist propaganda and brainwashing. Through its varied components, they have readily respect the where, when, how and against who military force should be used. They have often been up to the task in respecting procedures allowing actions and they have employ proportional force when faced with different targets. Appropriately actions regarding unarmed mobs, the safeguard of property of civilians, the use of force in self defence, the returning of hostile fire and a number of other issues are well spelled out and respected. This is their rules of engagement.

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