Cameroonian Diaspora Supports Rebel Activities In Cameroon

In the present socio-political and security crises plaguing the South West and the North West Regions of Cameroon, the Cameroon diaspora has been very instrumental in fuelling the crises for they serve as the bastion where all support necessary in perpetuating violence acts amongst youths emanates.

Cynthia Efopa

They assembled in cities abroad, carry out fund raising ceremonies destined to purchase rifles, ammunitions and other weapons meant to armed youths back in Cameroon to stand against the government and government forces. Through the interposition of persons they threatened children in some parts of the region not to go to school and even molest and kill those who dare force their way to education.  They have forced the population in some of these areas in to the bushes and have grounded economic activities. They have brainwashed children to break away from a one and united Cameroon.  They have prone violence in all its forms killing soldiers and civilians. Through the building of bandit groups, kidnapping and taking of village hostage as well as raping young girls around the village. They disseminate fake news meant to create phobias in the minds of citizens.

They take up this unjust call in the cosiness of their beds, luxurious homes and the warmth of a healthy and strong family. Where all the children have access to education, eat three square meals a day and sleep in the abode of the security of their parents. It is in this atmosphere of relaxation and comfort that they give out instructions tantamount to the territorial integrity of Cameroon their own country. While they enjoy, they send those back in the South West and North West Regions run helter-skelter in the villages and bushes with war and edged weapons, putting them on harm’s way.

That notwithstanding, the Head of State, President Paul Biya re-echoed his message of peace, national unity and integration to Cameroonian diaspora who have always been encouraged to reinvest their knowhow back in the country. It is in this posture to assemble its people under one canopy that a team of government officials travelled abroad to lend a hand to the Cameroonians in the diaspora, inviting them to dialogue. Unfortunately, the diaspora were adamant as the team that left Cameroon met with stiff resistance and violence from Cameroonians abroad. The government will not sleep on its cushions as it keeps coming up with battery of legal actions to preserve the peace and unity of Cameroon while safeguarding persons and property.

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