The Anglophone Crisis: Diaspora fuel crisis

Many citizens have lost their lives and many more deaths are likely to occur if citizens, especially those of English-speaking regions do not discover that they are being deceived by a handful of selfish individuals in the Diaspora who are making money out of the crisis.

Waineng Wanmbui

When the industrial strike action of teachers and lawyers in the North West and South West regions was hijacked by individuals and nebulous groups with secessionist tendencies, little did anyone suspect how far the hijackers were ready to go with their hidden plans? Over two years into the disorder which has left many communities bereaved and void of the peace that President Paul Biya has worked so hard to preserve, the masks have gradually started to fall off the faces of persons who were passing for saviors of Anglophones.

They might have succeeded to sell a farfetched dream to unsuspecting citizens; promising them a life of milk and honey. But many citizens are now aware of the tricks, lies and manipulation of the Diasporas who sit comfortably in their air conditioned rooms and offices abroad and use keyboards to instigate hate among a peace-loving citizenry. Their fall however is very near, from every indication. Some of them like Tapang Ivo, Jean Marc Soboth, Eric Taw, Chris Anu, Akoson Pauline Diale must have noticed that the number of followers they had on social media has continued to dwindle.

Even the few social media users, who still care to listen to them, are no longer as blind and sheepish. The cover of the Diasporas was blown by themselves after government sensitization campaigns put them in a tight corner. The division that set into their rangs pushed them to start accusing and exposing each other publicly. Some newspapers in Cameroon had earlier reported that some foreigners are funding the ongoing crisis in view of making personal gains; those who doubted the information now trust it.

The creation of groups claiming to lead the so-called Anglophone struggle only justifies the fact that they leaders are already fighting over money that is being provided to them. The most recent is the rumor about a certain Atam Milan said to have met secretly with a government personality in South Africa. This sparked other revelation from disgruntled activists like Mark Bara who said, “Milan faked the creation of a certain Department of Defense (DoD) and Sisiku Ayuk Tabe pumped money into it. Milan swindled the money while Ambazonians were slaughtered on Oct 1, 2017. Ambazonians hoped vainly on a fraud DoD. Milan deceived Sisiku. Ayaba Cho, Akwanga saw this scam and raised an alarm but we all were blind at the time.” As the masks continue to fall, citizens who had been long deceived by the diasporans are equally moving away from disorder and aligning with the central government in Yaoundé for peace.

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