Agriculture. A Prominent Domain For Cameroons Development

Cameroon owns a vast territory of fertile lands favourable for the growth of cash and subsistence crops. Cognizance of this great potentials in agricultural production, the president of Cameroon has time without number called the youths to engage in agriculture for its dividends is significant. Not only for the family but in making Cameroon a developed nation.

Cynthia Efopa

Agricultural development and productivity is a great aspect of growth to many developing countries as it serves as a source of income not only to farmers but to affiliated corporations and the government via exportation of cash crops like cocoa, coffee, rubber. In a competitive world like that of today, Cameroon is leaving no stone unturned through its Ministries of Agriculture and Rural Development and that of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries to adequately invest in agriculture which employs almost 70  percent of the country’s  working population. Several policies have been passed to enhance the practice of agriculture by youths and create a favourable environment for all those interested in taking agriculture as an income generating activity to professional practice farming without much difficulty.  The Agricultural competitiveness Project (PACA) is just one of those numerous government project driven by the World Bank meant to provide finances to youths through the establishment of partnership agreements between producer’s organizations and microfinance institutions.

The government has embarked on rejuvenating and training of the agricultural workforce by training more educated youths in agriculture. Away from the university of Dschang and that of Ngaoundere that were reputed in the domain of agriculture, the University of Buea followed the trail with the opening of the Faculty of Agriculture and Vertinary Medicine composed of various departments which seeks to produce highly skilled and competent agricultural technicians and engineers who can exploit the dual strength of agriculture in the domain of sustainable production of safe and quality food in an ecologically friendly manner.

Talking about improved external inputs, the government through its agricultural research centers like the Institute of Agricultural Research for Development IRAD has been rampant on the field distributing to farmers high yielding varieties of seedlings of maize, Irish potatoes, fruits, beans and improved animal breeds in cattle, pigs, chickens, rabbits not forgetting seedlings of perennial crops like cocoa, coffee, cotton, bananas, rubber. They equally organize seminars to make available all information that can have an impact on agricultural development like new farming methods, fertilizer application techniques for major crops, methods for the fight against animal and crop diseases and techniques for the conservation and transformation of agricultural produce. All these aimed at increasing productivity and harnessing Cameroons prospects of attending emergence by 2035.

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