Huge attempt at humanitarian intervention. The Cameroonian State exercises sovereignty

The trick or rather, the lure! That of using the media to degrade the action of a government, to present its immaturity and its inability to face the humanitarian challenges in the event of a crisis, to justify the intervention on its territory, of any specialized organizations under the cover of United Nations. However, it is the opening of the Pandora’s Box, which hardly closes without deep damage.

Shawn-Nathan Epang

On social networks, foreign TV channels, and on the front pages of newspapers from the West, only images faked! It is necessary at all costs and at all costs to illustrate the humanitarian disaster in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon. Communication specialists using new technologies are uncovering hundreds of hacked illustrations every day, used to magnify and disguise a reality that remains under the perfect control of a government concerned with the well-being of its people. A descent on the ground would suffice to prove it because, as in the northern part gradually relieved of the yoke of the Islamist sect Boko Haram, the populations of North-West and South-West have and feel by their side, a sufficiently equipped State and voluntary, committed to bring them security and development, with the major concern to restore permanently in the zone, peace and stability. The warm presence of our Defense and Security Forces, their multiple interventions aimed at the sanctuarization of sites haunted by the armed gangs, the medical care provided to the wounded released from the hands of these thugs, the rehabilitation of destroyed infrastructures, the school and the public service maintained in most of the regions concerned … are all beneficial gestures that led the State of Cameroon under the leadership of its President, no offense to some, hidden behind the term diaspora and international community.

The scenarios, however refined they are, are unfortunately now well established but also known and refuted by all, as the consequences of these nauseating and nauseating approaches are now counted in many open wounds on the face of the continent, or even the planet. . Should we embark on the enumeration of facts as the fatal list could stretch indefinitely, with details of a picture strewn with horrors and desolation? Libya once calm and prosperous, major pillar of Africa.

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