Socio-Political Crisis. “Ambazonia” A Myth of Destabilization.

The situation in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon is becoming a preoccupying stress with the nebulous secessionist terrorist group pushing hard irrespective of their wishes. From the pictures and images gathered from the social media, it is no longer news that this group recently acquired the rocket launcher.

Emmanuel Ngota

The question that begs for and answer and more are; who are arming the secessionists? Every war requires organization and finance, who finances and organizes these extremists? How are these arms supplied? Are there some obscured forces behind the mask and who are seizing the opportunity to destabilize Cameroon? What is the objective of the crisis?

Today it is evidently clear that since the start of the crisis a lot has been unveiled that the cause of the crisis roots from the so call Anglophone crisis. This has been proven wrong since the crisis has been brandished as an Anglophone problem to destabilize Cameroon. Some school of thoughts holds that if the crisis were merely claims the situation could have span highest for 2 weeks. But instead the security in these zones has deteriorated and becomes dangerous for the free circulation of persons and their property. This brings to the lime light that, there were not merely claims rather a planned act to destabilize the peace and tranquility Cameroon is enjoying in a turbulent Central African Sub Region.

It is crystal clear today that the United States of America supports these extremists through an interview granted the U.s Ambassador to Cameroon, Peter Henry Barlerin.  Some of these extremists lives in the United States and go about freely and carry out their chores hitch free without any worry. The outing of George Soro who is reputable of destabilizing countries across the world is a clear indicator of wolves in sheep clothing. Sources hold that George Soro happens to be so close and finances the activities of Christopher Fomungneh, an Anglophone activist “Open Society”.

On their part, foreign media keeps fueling the crisis with lies as they have presented the crisis as a problem of genocide in Cameroon; a destabilization strategic communication method applied in order for the United Nations to intervene according to article 22 and 23 of the imperialism charter which states that “ the U.N.O is an instrument which must be used against countries across the world in order to protect our interest while we install our puppets under the protectorate of our military under the U.N mandate.

It is thus evidently clear that up till now, accusing fingers are pointing to the Cameroon defence forces and talks about human rights. Thus it is in accord with article 11 of the imperialism charter which quotes that “human rights does not have any place in a country where in leaders respect our wishes”

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