Why it’s in the interest of Anglophones to denounce “Amba Boys”

Videos and photos of untold suffering of Cameroonians in the North West and South West regions particularly of citizens living in Konye, Munyenge and Belo have been circulating on social media lately.

Waineng Wanmbui

All of them are in the bushes because of activities of non-government armed groups (some passing around for separatists and defense groups while others have openly shown their terrorists tendencies) clashing with government security forces deployed to the regions to protect people and property and territorial integrity in Cameroon.

There are several reasons citizens in this regions need to demonstrate a sense of patriotism; collaborating with security operatives and denouncing these groups. The sociopolitical stability of the region is very vital for its economic development. Many of the pictures from cocoa producing areas show people using areas and farm houses reserved for drying cocoa as bedrooms. Farmers associations have revealed the South West Region alone will lose a whooping sum of FCFA 90 billion this year if the ongoing crisis persists.

Local media reports quote some of the farmers as saying that some of them who managed to cultivate their cocoa farms amidst the crisis are afraid that unknown armed men may claim ownership of their produce and sell them in the black markets. It is reported that license buying agents (LBA) are already setting up makeshift warehouses in the bushes to buy cocoa but are equally feeling insecure about the exercise. Inasmuch as a drop in the performance of the cocoa sector will have an impact on the GDP of the whole country, cocoa producers in the region would be the first to suffer.

Denouncing the so-called Amba Boys in order to help soldiers speedily restore peace would be the best interest of businessmen in the sector. During the “Listen to the People” mission of the National Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism to Bamenda last week in the North West region, the representative of businessmen in the region voiced out the same concerns about the economy of the region brought to a standstill.

Denouncing the armed groups and supporting military officers will above all, help government restore peace and serenity in the regions quicker. The benefits of sociopolitical stability cannot be overemphasized as citizens themselves have had a feel of the ills of instability as they complain about transportation difficulties, violation of children’s rights to education, security curfews hindering cultural and nocturnal business activities, little or no access to health facilities as some health institutions are shutting down, not to mention looting, destruction of property and loss of human lives.

It must already be crystal clear to all and sundry that the government forces in the region are the only Armed Forces the nation’s citizens can depend on. Armed Separatists groups have greatly lost their capacity to deceive citizens especially as they have been extorting citizens in addition to other undesirable activities they carry out.

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