Confusion In “ambazonia”

The socio-political unrest in the northwest and south west regions of the country is weighing heavy on the shoulders of the secessionist terrorist group under the banner of the so call Ambazonia Defence Forces (ADF).

Emmanuel Ngota

For two years running, the regions of the North West and south west have been hitting the headlines in respect to the socio-political crisis plaguing the predominantly English speaking regions which is the North West and south west of Cameroon.

The crisis took a different twist from mere claims by lawyers and teachers not up till when enemies of the state took advantage of the situation to express their selfish stance through arms. As they fondly describe themselves as the ambazonia defence forces (ADF), took the laws into their backyard by resorting in to the killing of personnel of the defence and security forces; acting on the terms of legitimate defence, some countries and non-governmental organizations who from every indication are enemies of the state termed the repost of the defence and security forces as a human right abuse.

Irrespective of this baseless accusation fingers pointing towards the direction of the defence and security forces, she keep on pushing hard not to avenge the gruesome acts perpetrated by the secessionist terrorist group but rather for the sake of preserving the territorial integrity of Cameroon, the cradle of our fathers; thus by so doing the devil behind the mask has been unveiled and the intentions boldly written on the wall which is that of destabilizing the peaceful coexistence of the nation.

The devils behind the mask are no doubt Cameroonian nationals and those in the diaspora who finds pleasure in fueling the crisis. But little did they know they were creating a Frankenstein monster which now serves as a boomerang. The so call ambazonia defence forces have split into factions, claiming supremacy. Conflict of interest has been given birth as at times there is exchange of fire between the wings as each claims autonomy.

In the diaspora is another ball game as followers who use to fund the crisis through their gofundme coffers are tired of contributing money to finance a lose battle. Due to their insubordination to contributions, pressure is mounting as some of their family members back home are kidnapped in exchange for ransom.

Of recent, they’ve resorted to fake news by falsifying the signatures of administrative and military authorities through documents they call confidential in order to favour the crisis. On the other hand are fake videos of kidnapped authorities and men in uniform forced at gun point to discredit the President of the Republic Paul Biya. Some of the sources claim that the supposed kidnapped officers are “amba boys” who use these sluggish methods to back down.

From the look of things, there is confusion within the ranks of the “amba fighters” as their actions speaks volumes of a resistance caught in the web of stress and nightmare as the defence and security forces keep pushing hard for the free circulation of persons and goods.

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