SDF South West Region In Disarray

The National Chairman of the Social Democratic Front, John Fru Ndi who has spent much of time criticizing government and claiming he could rule the country better, is visibly unable to hold his party together as disorder reigns in it.

Waineng Wanmbui

The shortcomings of the party keeps getting public attention .The latest show of shame of the opposition party came up during a regional executive meeting that took place in Kumba, where the South West Regional Chairman of the party, Martin Forcha Ndobegang, was controversially dethroned. The decision to topple Forcha Ndobegang, who is also the Mayor of Kumba II Council, as regional chair, according to many, is related to the conflict of authority that exists between the three mayors of the party in Kumba; Kona Makia, Abel Ebako Ndoh and Martin Forcha Ndobegang.

Kicking Martin Forcha Ndobegang out of his regional chairmanship was just one out of a many attempts.  As far back as November 1, 2013, a controversial communiqué purportedly signed by SDF First Vice National Chairman, Hon. Joshua Osih who is currently the party’s candidate for this year’s presidential elections went widespread on social media platforms.

Hon. Joshua Osih, in the communiqué, sacked Mayor Forcha from the SDF for defying party orders and challenging the candidate invested by the party in the last municipal elections. In the month of july the following year, Martin Forcha was again replaced by Lawrence Nguasong as SDF Ward Chairman of the Fiango East Central Ward.

The sacked official was readmitted into the party on Saturday, February 20, 2016, after a NEC decision. After his readmission into the party, Forcha was later appointed into the Committee assigned to reorganise Electoral Districts in the South West Region.

Hon. Mbah Ndam and the Mayor of Kumba II who was leading the delegation charged with reorganizing party affairs in the region, braved the odds and organised all the electoral districts in the region. It was during the reorganisation exercise that the municipal authority decided to vie for the SDF regional chairmanship which he won on November 12, 2016, with the support of the Mayor of Tiko, Daniel Nganda Moukondou.

Moukondou saw in Forcha an ally after he fell out with Mayor Makia and the MP for Kumba, Hon. Bolevie Mbanya Petnga, during the reorganisation of the Tiko Electoral District. Then, the Mayor of Tiko accused Makia and Petnga of failing to reorganise his district.

Pundits have been criticizing Fru Ndi of always talking tough and blowing hot when it comes to state affairs, whereas all evidence from the managing of his party shows he may not even be able to run a municipality.

Hon Osih who is equally out on campaign for the road to Etoudi, is more or less condemned for meddling in regional affairs of the party. He is accused of fanning the flames of discord as he takes sides in issues between party officials at the base, casting doubts on his credibility as a leader.

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