Anglophone crisis: Military Records Another Victory

An operation officers of the armed forces carried out in Momo division on June 21 led to the dismantling of a base of an armed group.

Waineng Wanmbui

The ongoing fight against armed groups that are passing for secessionist movements in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon, as undesired as it is, has proven to be an opportunity for Cameroon armed forces to prove their military might. Regular soldiers and elements of the elite unit of the armed forces commonly known as BIR (codename for rapid intervention battalion) have been engaged in many battles with diverse armed groups and have in all occasions, emerged victorious.

An operation carried out in the village of Alabukam, located along the Bamenda-Mbengwi road was not an exception. Elements of the rapid intervention battalion crawled up on a training facility to an unsuspecting gang of armed fighters. Military sources put the results of what happened after the raid at two deaths on the side of the enemy and no causalities on the side of our forces. Photos taken from the facility showed soldiers standing over many weapons and ammunitions taken out from the base of the armed group which is apparently not unconnected to the so-called Ambazonia Defence Forces led by Cho Ayaba who is currently on the “Wanted” list of the state. One would not be unconfident to state that he is among the top enemies of the state for trying to jeopardize national unity and the territorial integrity of the state.

The military operation in Alabukam is only one out of many as evidence on the ground shows government determination to wipe out all groups that have demonstrated through repeated attacks on both public and private property, kidnappings and arsons, that they are out to ruin the peace that is most cherished by all and sundry. Reports say the locations of these visibly ill-equipped groups have been identified and soldiers are keen to swoop in on the enemies of the republic at the appointed time.

Many a citizen in the region have expressed satisfaction with the operation as it goes a long way to comfort and reassure the populations that the state is there to defend them with a dependable military that has a high level of professionalism that has stood the test of time, against all odds.

Meanwhile reports reaching us, indicate security forces are being dispatched from the littoral region to reinforce security in the South West region which has been under repeated attacks by armed groups recently. Cameroonians have equally continued to condemn the violence in the regions while mourning citizens who have died in the ongoing crisis and over 80 security officials that have been killed by the so-called Amba Boys.

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