Kilimanjaro Capital Limited Dreams to Destabilize Cameroon

Kilimanjaro Capital Limited, a fake Canadian base investment firm rooted in sponsoring secessionist movement in Africa step feets in Cameroon since 2012.

Cynthia EFOPA

The present crises rocking the North West and South west regions of Cameroon commonly referred to as the “Anglophone crises” has its roots far deep into an affair that started since the early days of the year 2012. The crises that started as a corporatist claims to which government provided necessary solutions and opened doors for dialogue, was hijacked by a separatist movement who skyrocketed the then strike action into present day armed conflict where in a rebel group wish to auto proclaimed the independence of the South West and North West Regions in to a virtual state called “Ambazonia”. The leaders of the today Cameroon secessionist movement or Ambazonia who are based abroad mostly in the United States and Canada built their evil intentions early in the year 2012. Under the illegal entity termed the Government of  Southern Cameroons, they were lulled in November 2012 by a fake Canadian base firm  Kilimanjaro Capital Limited to sign a contract that  will enable the firm  explore and exploit  petroleum products from the  both regions notably the Bakassi peninsula.  In the said deal, the both parties agree that kilimanjaro Capital will commence exploitation of the resources when Cameroon government will bow to separatists claims by finally handing over the territories of the North West and South West regions, only then and there Southern Cameroons will cede to Kilimanjaro Capital and its partners 80 percent of exploitation rights of all petroleum deposits and other mineral resources of the both regions, particularly the rich oil Bakassi peninsula that was once an epicenter of dispute between Cameroon and Nigeria but was handed to Cameroon by the International Court of Justice after many years of judicial procedures.

On January 30th 2013, Kilimanjaro announced to have ceded 20 percent of its shares of the future exploitation of the oil rich region of Cameroon to Forest Gate Energy who in turned had to concentrate in the exploitation of diamond, gold, uranium, iron and bauxite

The chief Executive Officer – CEO of Kilimanjaro Company Limited Zulfikar Rashid prides his company as an investment firm keen in helping African breakaway movement tap into oil and mining wealth. It claim to have sign oil and mineral contracts with exiled leaders of three main rebel movements fighting for self-independence; Cabinda from Angola, Biafran from Nigeria and Southern Cameroons from the Republic of Cameroon. In the latter, they have interest in oil and mineral on over 43.000km area. This deal was in exchange of a significant amount of money which is yet to be disclosed.  Well known prominent leaders of the Cameroon secessionist movements who are inciting violence today in Cameroon were said to have signed on behalf of the Southern Cameroons government amongst which is Ebeneza Akwanga who is a member of the Advisory Board of the company, commander in chief of the Southern Cameroons Defence Forces and claim to be a militant of human rights. In 2014, the CEO of Kilimanjaro mentioned in a subtle way during an interview on Marketwired platform that his firm sponsors human right defence actions in the Bakassi area.

From interviews granted on multi platforms by the CEO of the dubious company, he mentioned that his enterprise will contribute to support the secessionists’ movement in Cameroon and they are glad to see Cameroon been targeted by the Boko Haram insurgencies and the present crises. For they hope to start implementing their deal really soon. As if that is not enough they are in search to sign more petroleum contract and to have licenses to telecommunication and forest exploitation. In 2017, Kilimanjaro Limited was reputed in boosting stocks with false claims about projects in Africa and the nature and value of its purported assets. The pump-and-dump of stocks is its hallmark and its capital is highly left to be desired. According to Alberta Securities Commission, an economy regulator, the Kilimanjaro has published more than 97 falsified financial releases and has invested 319 000 dollars for their promotion on payable online platforms.

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