North West / South West CRISIS. Confusion in the Camp of Secessionist Terrorist Groups

In a video released on the 26th of June 2018, a secessionist terrorist leader in the Lebialem Division South West Region promises hell to Tapang Ivo, one of the brain behind the socio economic crisis in the predominantly English speaking regions.

Emmanuel NGOTA

The terrorist leader of the “red dragons” who presented himself as “field marshal” has condemned the modus operandi of Tapang Ivo, the brain behind the escalating crisis in the North West And South West Regions, as that of eating fat by collecting funds to innocent Cameroonians in the guise of an absurd struggle that has been clouding the socio political climate in the two regions.

While speaking in the cliffs of one of the villages in the Lebialem Division amidst his combatants made up of girls and boys of ages 15 to 20, who declared that they would not take orders again from Tapang Ivo and that they are independent in their activities.

“Field Marshal” considers all the other factions of the terrorist groups in the NW and SW regions as thieves who have exploited the socio political crisis to assault even their brothers and sisters. To him this does not even tie with the course of the so call struggle.

Added to this, the terrorist leader calls on the other terrorist groups which he termed as bandits to back down from their atrocities otherwise they have no choice but to face them. In the course of the video, the terrorists made up of youths, brandished their rifles like the AK47, the FAL, grenades, locally fabricated riffles, cannabis and a lot more.

It should be noted that, this video is among the many videos by these secessionist groups where in each and every one in claiming supremacy. It is evidently clear to the inhabitants of these affected zones in the North West and south west regions and the international community that the motive behind the so call struggle is devilish as those who have chosen to take up arms are merely being manipulated.

This is a heavy blow to the population of the predominantly English speaking regions as they are caught in a dilemma as those who claimed to be their protectorates are today their enemy according to some findings by le jour newspaper in one of its articles, caption’s that secessionist terrorist groups stole over 300 million francs cfa from individuals and enterprises implanted in the south west region.

The population cries foul against the activities of the terrorist secessionist group who claim to fight against “la Republique” is completely against the population they claim to protect as they rape their daughters, burn down their schools, assassinate their brothers and sisters, rampant kidnapping, causing economic breakdown by prohibiting the free circulation of persons and their property, the list is in exhaustive.

The President of the Republic, Paul Biya has heard the cry of these persons in distress reasons why he has put in place the humanitarian emergency plan to carter for the need of the people in the North West and south west regions in the face of this socio political crisis. The other regions have taken the baton of command to support their compatriots in the North West and south west regions, a gesture that speaks volume of the love they have for one another and no external force can break this bond of unity and living together.

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