Mediation and Peaceful Management of Conflicts. Paul Biya « Pélerin de la paix »

Mediation and peaceful managent of conflicts, great terms to a great course. It is a concept associated to human relations principally connected to different methods of decision taking. The Presidents speech at the Un general assembly made it clear that he extolled the virtues of civil peace. By the measures he took to respond to the Anglophone crisis aimed at satisfying every one. One of which the creation of a national committee regrouping all the members of each regions. It is also worth underlying that devotion along with close cooperation and synergy most prevail.


Since the end of 2016,  Cameroon has been facing a sociopolitical crisis. The crisis has its roots in protests initiated by teachers and lawyers from the Northwest and South West, the country’s two Anglophone regions. Violence has escalated in the anglophone regions as the original protests have been used as a platform by separatatist looking to break away from Cameroon. It was a strike led by lawyers from these regions lasting from the 10 to 21 October 2016, protesting about Cameroons failure to produce English Versions of certain Laws and what the saw as general encroachments on the common law legal system inherited from British Cameroon. A consultation meeting was held ordered by president Paul Biya with the Ministry of Justice on 22 November 2016 to discuss application of certain Laws and the founding of a legal training institut. More over Paul Biya granted amnesty to some anglophones agitators who were detained in connection to violence in the Bamenda stricks .

The provision of the official English version of the OHADA uniforms acts and the Cameroonian penal code was made, the establishment of the common law bench at the Supreme Court of cameroon, the recruitment and placement of appropriate judicial personnel in the North West and Southwest Court of Appeal and many more decisions were taken to satisfy their demands.

President Paul Biya spoke publicly about the crisis twice ; during his end of year message on the 31 December 2016 and in a speech to the youths on the 10 February 2017. Each time reiterated his commitment to democratic dialogue.

The president speech at the UN General Assembly also extolled the virtues of civil peace. Paul Biya met the Pope Francis at the Vatican and the UN Secretary General in New York. He also personally received the ambassadors from France, the United Kingdom, Russia, Canada and the United States. Even with the protests of the children not wanting to go to school because of fear, he encourages them and set the army to protect them and the examinations in the 2016-2017 academic year was maintained. To stabilise all this, the Prime minister Philemon Yang, and numbers of members of the government headed to these regions to open dialogue. In May 2017, the president authorised connection to internet to be ré established after it had been vit off for more than two months. The majority of Anglophone prisoners were also allowed to go free at the start of September.

In addition, an impressive political action by the authorities was the creation of the National Commission on the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism. It includes members from all over Cameroon respecting balance between the regions of the country. More over, on the 5th March 2018 the prime minister began appointing new members to the government and adjusting the reponsabilities of others as part of a cabinet reshuffle ordered by President Biya.

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