Being an Anglophone Leader Today and Still Living in Cameroon. Why not?

Politicians, business men and most of all lovers of Cameroon. They are all anglophone leaders living in Cameroon. Possible actions in favour of the Nation, and pro activist of peaceful coexistence.


Cameroon in its all and all greatness and particularities have great men (leaders) from the anglophone sections who have as resident Cameroon. Not as others who calling themselves leaders but proclaim ideologies about voilence and division from outside the territory just to portray a negative image of the actual governing power. As example of anglophone leaders in Cameroon we can talk of, Ni John Fru Ndi born on the 7 July 1941 à Cameroonian politician. Founder of the Social Democratic Front (SDF), the main opposition party in Cameroon in 1990. But this did not stop him from being a patriote instead of a trouble maker. He set up the Bamenda vegetables society and did not only ended there but diversified into the news paper business and became the sole agent in the North west province for Cameroon Outlook and  Cameroon Times news papers. He belt his own kiosk in Bamenda and imported and sold magazines. 2017, during this SDF national congress he indicated that he will not be representing himself for the presidential elections. Not leaving the political field for sure. Three times candidate to the presidential elections but failed against Paul Biya. Many came up to scene after his departure such as Akere Muna. The question is will they be at the level of this great machin called the RDPC?

More so, we can name other leaders as Baba Dan Poulo, at the top head of a giant group, multimillionnaire. Fortune estimated at 550 billion he  is a great business man. He invested mainly in tourism, construction, agriculture and rearing of animals. By this providing and creating employment for Cameroonians. Much more for the new generation we have young rising anglophone artists, leaders of the youths generation through their music the transmit their ideas and their voices are being heard. They carry the voice of the youths to the ears of the government. We are talking here of people such as Stanley Enow à Cameroonian anglophone Rap singer said ” A good number of our people live by this Cameroonian motto: Impossible N’est Pas Camerounais, meaning “Nothing Is Impossible to a Cameroonian.” This slogan is a great source of motivation. It’s like Obama’s famous “Yes We Can.” As many other Daphné another female anglophone leader they all prone peace and love. And a good example for the youths to follow. All having families established in Cameroon and working to make things move forward hand in hand with the government. They have proven Cameroon a suitable place for anglophone to be.

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