Cameroonian Human Diversity. The Strentgh of our Living Together

Life in Africa is not easy and Cameroon is no exception, however Cameroonians have been blessed with a go-getter spirit. Faced with all the challenges that an average African child faces on a daily basis, Cameroonians don’t give in to all apparent limitations. Talking about strength of diversity in Cameroon. Cultural differences and above all cultural mixed up and international relationships constitute the force of this nation.


Over the past decades, there is no doubt that one of the factors militating against progress and development of this Country Cameroon is tribalism and ethnicity. Right from the time of independence to this period. Cameroon has 250-300 distinct groups, and an estimated 300+ languages. Cameroon is divided into several regions, which are dominated by specific ethnic or religious groups. Ethnic divisions often correspond to geography, which is also widely varied. Religious differences often correspond to colonial or other historical influence.

Partly through the influence of colonialism, there is a national culture, and two distinct regional cultures: the Anglophone and Francophone regions, which primarily speak English and French and use different legal systems. The national culture is established through public institutions such as school, the multiparty political system, shared history of colonialism and a national love of football. Marriage for instance is the basic social institution which is critical and fundamental to the formation of a Family hence its universality ( FOX , 1967 ). The family is conceptualised as an organic unified entity. Based on it marriage among tribes is not just for an individual but the entire village like wise. In the multitude of cultures as that of the anglophone zone ( Bakweries, Bamenda and many others ) and more of the Francophones ( Bamileke , Ewondo, Bassa ) getting married could lead no other than to unity hence national intergration.Does all these differences favour the country in any way, we say yes no matter the hard trial of some to prove it wrong. Cameroon is well noted to be a melting pot of many cultures and denominations, opened and welcoming nation to every other nations around the world. Not difficult to be proven. In Cameroon we can see many inter racial marriages and inter tribal marriages all which richely enhances the growth of Cameroon. Practically a couple married one from the Bamileke land and the other from the Bakosi land and they have children what will be the faith of this children. Will they be called Cameroonians or each from the fathers or mothers village ? Let’s not fool ourselves, we are all one in Unity.

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