Cameroon Blessed in Diversity

Ever heard of the African Nation which is Africa itself, the West African nation of Cameroon is home to more than 250 ethnic groups and languages. Formerly colony of Germany, France and England; the effects are audible; Cameroon has a blend of both French and English cultures and a subtle German touch.


The many ethnic groups range from Hausas, Fulani, Bantu and semi Bantu groups. It also has a stretch of coastal line and beaches and seaports which serve landlocked countries like the Central African Republic and Chad and has natural reserves like the renowned Waza Park for nature’s lovers. Cameroon according to AFK Travel should have been called “Little Africa” because it contains the diversity of all of Africa within its borders.

One of the reasons to visit Cameroon is its diversity. Any African stepping foot on the triangle as described by some based on the shape of its map, will readily fit in as the cultures is similar to other African countries. The welcoming and friendliness of Cameroonians is just outstanding, adding to the fact that more than 80% of Cameroonians express themselves in either English and or French or both languages which ease communication for most visitors in Cameroon.

Cameroon is blessed with a rich cultural heritage, completely unique to itself. It hosts some of the most amazing and ancient cultures like the Baka and Badgeli pygmies in the Eastern jungle, the nomadic Mbororos on the Adamawa and North provinces, the animist Komas in the Alantika Mountains, but also Bantus, Kom and many more. There still exist ancient traditions, colorful festivals, arts, crafts and artistic expressions throughout the whole country. Worthy of note is the works of King Njoya of the Bamoun who developed the Bamoun scripts around 1895.

Cameroon is also endowed with a scenic diversity especially for people who have never visited the nation. In the north there is the Waza National park and the South West boasts Kurupt National Park. These parks host various species of animals and particular and plants and bird species as well as lions, elephants and hippopotamus. Cameroon’s Mount Fako stands as the highest peak in West Africa and is popular for the annual Mt. Cameroon race of hope which attracts athletes from all over the world. The historic Botanic Garden located at Limbe is host to various unique plants which exist only in Cameroon. The garden also serves as an area for relaxation offering visitors a unique connection with nature.

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