Paul Biya can do it again. In Peace, Unity and Stability

If one takes a look at Paul Biya’s 35 years in term, there is a fact that cannot be ignored. The preservation of peace and unity of Cameroon has always been on top of the preoccupations of the Head of State. In contrast to many neighbouring countries which have staggered from crisis to crisis, and sunk into fits of trauma, Cameroon appears as « The island of peace and stability ».


It is well known that a stable and sustainable development cannot be achieved without peace and social stability. This is due to the fact that peace engenders many subsidiary attributes. As such, Cameroon has been consequently able to boost and nurture other areas such as agriculture, public health, the environment, rural development, the armed forces, foreign affairs, women and youth matters. The educational sector has been expanded, notably with the breaking up of the erstwhile Ministry of National Education into three separate ministries: the Ministry of Basic Education, the ministry of Secondary Education and the Ministry of Higher Education, etc. In fact, within the last ten years or so, our country has seen an unprecedented number of international events being hosted in Yaounde and some of the other cities. The latter point means that the international community recognizes that we deserve and enjoy certain leadership roles. But then again, no one is suggesting that it has all been a bed of roses for us Cameroonians. Far from it! There are still many areas in which more work is needed.

As we have pointed out, 35years is a thankfully long time and contrary to what some opposition members may want us to believe when they intimate that nothing, not even a single thing, has been achieved in that period, the point must be made in that such an assessment is subjective, unrealistic and demonstrates that its opponents are simply being so crude with the truth. As a matter of fact, if the opposition does not go about things with objectivity, history is likely to prove them wrong. During his epoch as Head of state, the President Paul Biya has proven to be a man of peace and dialogue. The search for peaceful solutions to the various crisis the country has gone through, has even placed the head of state as a wise man whose advises are needed in Africa and the world in large.

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