Misinformation on Extrajudicial Executions

The enemies of Cameroon have once more hit the social media with a fake video showing Cameroon Defence Forces executing women and children. This is just another instance of gross misinformation.

Cynthia EFOPA

A fake news story in the form of a video document showing the Cameroon Defence Forces in an odious act of extrajudicial executions perpetrated on civilians has been going round on the internet and social media. This is just another instance of gross misinformation used by the enemies Cameroon. For the purported facts is not a replica of the Cameroon Defence Forces as they dispense the missions attributed to them. Making an analyses of the different mounted sequences of the video that matches voices that are coarsely affixed, it is evident that it is meant to intoxicate the public and incite the population to violence.

After an in-depth examination of the different images of the video, it is clear that the military staff involved have the same phenotype and comes from the same sociological background, whereas the Cameroon Defence Forces is a conglomerate of all the ethnic backgrounds that makes up the country Cameroon and operations are carried out without any consideration for sociological belonging.  The uneven nature of Cameroons landscape has bestowed on the military different forms of uniforms to be worn on operations. The soldiers in the video who are operating in a Sahelo-Saharan region apparently are dressed in a forest battle uniform. This is out of place in the Cameroon Defence Forces as only the Sahel colour of uniform is used in regions of that nature.  The uniform is a remarkable identity of any state military, and the forces of Cameroon are always dressed in standard combat suits, heavy helmet, rangers boot, and bullet-proof vests before engaging in any operation but this is not the case with the soldiers in the video.  Worst still, the weapons displayed in the video are not in used by Cameroon Defence Forces in such landscape.

The Cameroonian Army is a professional institution that has as mission to protect persons and property,  they have received a solid military and law enforcement training to carry out their duty within the armpit of national and international laws to which Cameroon is a signatory. Their actions in counterterrorism is yielding fruits. The enemies who after been defeated on the field of operations and no more have support from the population are attempting to discredit the defence and security forces. The government denounces this collusive approach of the enemies and assures the Cameroon Defence and security forces of the unflinching support of the entire nation and the international community in their fight against terrorism in Cameroon.

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