Commemoration of the African woman. Strides of the Cameroonian Woman

Cameroonian women today join their counterparts worldwide to commemorate the African Women’s day with highlight on essential mechanisms to improve on the wellbeing and development of the woman.

Cynthia EFOPA

The role of the African woman in the society cannot be undermined. As a mother, a sister, a wife, and a worker she crisscrosses boundaries just to make sure all is on a good footing. Gone are the years when it was thought that her place was only in the kitchen and as such she was supposed to be relegated to the background. Today, the Cameroonian woman has risen above all odds to make her name known. She contributes in the development of the socio-political and economic development of the nation. She is found in almost all sector of activity and this has been enhanced by the favorable environment created by government. In the year 1984, the ministry of women empowerment was created to protect and promote the activities of the female folk, in 2004, the appellation of the ministry was changed to the ministry of women empowerment and the family, with emphasis laid on the family as the most important and smallest unit of the society which must be carter for.   With the advent of globalization, the development and emancipation of the Cameroonian woman has witnessed a steady stride, out of the 180 parliamentarians, 56 of them are women, of the 100 senators, 26 are women and today Cameroon can boast of four senior Divisional Officers, 14 Sub Divisional Officers, 11 ministers and a good number of military colonels and police commissioners. Though much is left to be done.

Speaking during an event to mark the celebration of the day in Yaounde, the minister of Women Empowerment and the Family, Marie Therese Abena Ondoa declared that the Cameroonian woman is a prominent tool for the country in attaining the point of emergency by 2035, for a well-trained, educated, independent or married woman is a major vector for sustainable growth. Through their petit trading, farm work, civil service task, their perseverance, know-how and industrious nature they have been able to feed the population of Cameroon and that of the Central African sub region. This assertion was buttress by the President of the Republic, President Paul Biya during the last agric-pastoral show that took place in Ebolowa. It is often said educating a woman is synonymous to educating a nation.


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