President Biya’s Strategy in Silencing Boko Haram Incursion

For nearly five years, the activities of the far north region of Cameroon likewise her neighbours that is chad and Nigeria have suffered both human and material losses which stems from the terrorist atrocities put up by the nebulous sect, Boko Haram.

Emmanuel NGOTA

The Far North region of Cameroon especially its three divisions that is Logone and Chari, Mayo-Tsanaga and Mayo-Sava have had to deal with the repeated attacks of Boko Haram sect, which has put all socio-economic activities, including livestock, agriculture, trade, tourism, etc to a standstill.

In the midst of these terrorist activities which cuts across suicide bombing, hostage taking, indiscriminate   killing of both civilians and the forces of law and order are a list of their ungodly practices so as to form a Khalifa state in Cameroon’s territory.

To wipe out this terrorist idea and permit the population carry out their activities hitch free, the Head of State and President of the Republic, Paul Biya, puts all the package for the region to remain standing.

Some of the strong actions established by the Head of State is the creation of the 4th Joint Military Region, the putting in place of the appropriate logistics, the concerted action of fashioning the multinational joint task force of the lake chad basin have been allocated as well the creating of vigilance committees which brings to the lime light the concept of Popular Defence strategy. This whole range of measures were made possible to find the lull in the last six months.

Since the putting in place of this strategy by the President Paul Biya to counter attack the pressure of the terrorist actions staged by the boko haram sect, the activities have started experiencing normalcy both administratively and economically. The internally displaced persons are regaining their villages and towns, schools have flown open their gates, thus a new breathe of relief by the inhabitants of this beautiful region. So the present situation experienced over time are predatory incursions that are quickly routed by the vigilance committees under the leadership of the defense and security forces and the administrative authorities.

The Head of State has found it necessary now that the lull is found so it is therefore necessary to revive economic activities.  So far, trade resumed between Cameroon and Nigeria through Fotokol a year ago and the process of reopening the Banki-Cameroon and Banki-Nigeria corridor; Mubi-Mokolo is already operational. The populations are already regaining their soil thanks to the rains. Agricultural and pastoral activities are also gradually resuming. All these gives the opportunity to accompany these populations to reconnect with their activities.

Another pertinent issue by the President of the Republic is the reconstruction of the economy of the Far North after the horrors of the terrorists group. As has been done, this basic work involves traditional leaders, local authorities to see which sectors can be targeted to make a document and accompany them. This is not only reconstruction, but the revival of socio-economic activities. Road rehabilitation works are under way and as it is said, “where the road passes development follows”. The Far North region, it can safely be said today, is definitely turning the page of insecurity and facing the challenges of development for the 2035 horizon.


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