Economy: Agriculture, the backbone of Cameroon’s economy

Agriculture remains the backbone of Cameroon’s economy, employing 70 percent of its workforce, while providing 42 percent of its GDP and 30 percent of its export revenue. Blessed with fertile land and regularly abundant rainfall in most regions, Cameroon produces a variety of agricultural commodities both for export and for domestic consumption. Coffee and cocoa are grown in central and southern regions, bananas in South west region, and cotton in several parts of Northern regions. Continuer la lecture

Le Cameroun : le pivot de l’Afrique Centrale

La crise due à la chute des prix des matières premières plombe depuis des décennies, l’envol économique du bloc Cemac. Une réalité que viennent lester considérablement les multiples crises politico-sécuritaires qui parsèment la sous-région. Seulement, malgré ce tableau bien sombre, il y a le Cameroun qui semble à lui tout seul, représenter le phare dans la tempête. Continuer la lecture

Agriculture. A Prominent Domain For Cameroons Development

Cameroon owns a vast territory of fertile lands favourable for the growth of cash and subsistence crops. Cognizance of this great potentials in agricultural production, the president of Cameroon has time without number called the youths to engage in agriculture for its dividends is significant. Not only for the family but in making Cameroon a developed nation. Continuer la lecture

Cameroon: Improving Agricultural Production

Cameroon, often referred to as “Africa in miniature”, is one of the most diversified countries in sub-Saharan Africa with respect to its agro-ecology: from a Sudano-Sahelian North to humid forests in the Centre, South and East regions. The forests which represent about 40% percent of Cameroon’s national territory form an important part of the Congo Basin characterized by a closed canopy moist tropical forest. Continuer la lecture

African Development Bank. Cameroon To Host Central Africa Sub-Regional Office

It is another diplomatic victory for the country as explained by officials of the Ministry of the Economy, Planning and Regional Development. Just last year, the President of the AfDB Group was in Cameroon on the invitation of the Head of State, Paul Biya. Dr Akinwumi Adesina revealed that Cameroon being the economic hub of the sub-region, has been chosen to host the Central African office of the bank. Continuer la lecture