Nigeria Deploys Contingent To Participate In Cameroon National Day Parade

Relations between Cameroon and her brotherly and neighbouring country, Nigeria, is soaring not only at political and economic levels but also in military cooperation. A contingent of the Nigerian Army will take part in this year’s celebrations of the National Day parade on the invitation of President Paul Biya. Continuer la lecture

Decentralization: Nearly 132 Billion FCFA For CTD

This is the cumulative amount of support from the Special Fund for Inter-communal Equipment and Intervention (Feicom) to municipalities and communities over the past seven years. The numbers speak for themselves. Over the period between January 2011 and March 2018, Feicom has injected FCFA 131, 605 billion into the financing of decentralized territorial collectivities (CTD). Continuer la lecture

Quid de l’« anglophonie » au Cameroun ?

Aujourd’hui, des enfants du Cameroun sont pris en otage par de pseudos séparatistes qui, depuis de longs mois, pillent et brûlent des édifices publics et privés, procèdent par des enlèvements et des assassinats d’autorités administratives, militaires et civiles, dans les régions du Nord-Ouest et du Sud-Ouest, sous le couvert de revendications sécessionnistes. D’aucuns voudraient alors l’affranchissement d’un Cameroun anglophone. Mais qu’est-ce exactement le Cameroun anglophone ? Continuer la lecture

La Francophonie-gov’t effort curbs unemployment among youth, women

A program of the employment of youth and women through entrepreneurship run by the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie and the Cameroonian government has started yielding fruits. The Eden Association was supported within the framework of the program to create an online portal that would help Cameroonian youths and women to acquire business skills and become entrepreneurs. Continuer la lecture

Cameroun-Nigéria, l’exemple de collaboration militaire qui nous parle

Les deux puissances des sous-régions de l’Afrique de l’Ouest et de l’Afrique Centrale démontrent aujourd’hui aux « afro-pessimistes » que l’avenir de l’Afrique ne trouvera sa germination heureuse que dans les petits pas d’une coopération intégrée qui commence par le domaine sécuritaire. Continuer la lecture

Cameroon. Pillar Of African Standby Force

Taking on the premise that Africa must not always depend on other continents for interventions in times of crisis, the African Union decided to strengthen its power of intervention in times of need by putting in place a 25,000-strong multinational standby force. The first training of the force took place in South Africa in 2015; at a time discussions were still underway as regards the country that would host its logistics base. Continuer la lecture